Rave Reviews For Beric The Briton

"...No where else have I found audio theater so masterfully well done that still challenges and convicts us to look at our own lives and choices while keeping us on the edge of our seat. No one ever wants to get out of the car at our destination if we are listening to one of our Heirloom Audio sets!" - Stacey

"...Beric the Briton is no different. In today's fast paced, loud world, it is sometimes hard to find an audio book that catches the attention of our busy minds. However, while this was based on a book, this is anything but an audio book. With different actors for each character and all the other sound effects, this is TV on a CD!" - Jillian

"...We have been swept away into the world of the Roman invasion of Britannica with Beric The Briton."

"...Heirloom Audio Productions adventures are an exciting way to “ignite a passion for history and Christian character in the next generation,” and, quite frankly, this old generation, too! They’re that good…and that important."

"...Beric The Briton is a story about faith, grace, sacrifice, and redemption. The story is amazing and there is danger involved, as well as excitement all rolled into one. Every audio drama I have listened to by Heirloom Audio Productions has been amazing and each story is better and better. I have a hard time just picking out my favorites. – Mellissa

"...Beric the Briton is a wonderful addition to your family listening library. It will inspire your sons and your daughters to do greater things, to follow in the footsteps of a great hero who loved the Lord."

"...We really loved the story of Beric the Briton. The storyline was full of battle, forgiveness, adventure, love, loyalty, and mercy! These stories are truly engaging as not only a living book, but also a living audio production. Each story takes us on wonderful adventures while sharing the love of God with us."

"...Heirloom Audio Productions has once again made a wonderful audio drama with Beric The Briton. The people chosen for the voices are perfect for each part. The background sounds and music envelope you and make you feel like you are part of the story. The excitement while the swords are clashing during the battle and the compassion shown for the women in the story can be felt."

"...We can't say enough how much we love Heirloom Audio Production as a family. They provide a entertaining yet educational product that allows us to turn off the TV, pop some popcorn and just pile up in the living room and listen. I also love that it it engrosses the kids to the point that they ask questions, which tells me they are truely listening and trying to process what is going on with the story. As far as Beric the Briton, we found it to be very action packed, this is one of Heirlooms best." - Brenda

"...The story was an instant hit! It was adventurous and engaging! After the first “airing” there were cries of injustice when I turned it off! They could not wait until the next time we would gather to listen." - David

"Beric The Briton is a story with great relevance for our day."

-Tom Baker

Actor (Doctor Who)

" This isn’t entertainment like cotton candy. This is entertainment that has substance to it."

- John Fornof

Writer/Director (Adventures in Odyssey)

" I love the fact that it has such an epic scale and these characters absolutely come to life! Yes, it can be used as an education tool. Yes, it has message and it has meaning. But I think anyone can find their place in these stories."

- Cathy Sara

Actress (Downton Abbey

" What I would hope for any child who hears this story is that they would be enchanted and captivated by the story – carried in their imagination to this world that seems like a long way away and a long time ago - and realize that it’s actually a story about them."

- Justin Butcher

Playwright (Scaramouche Jones)

" A rollicking adventure all ‘round."

- Tom Alexander

Actor , Voice of Bouduoc

" It’s exciting! It makes history exciting!"

- Honeysuckle Weeks

Actress (Foyle's War​)

" It’s exciting! It makes history exciting! " Hear More From Chris!

- Chris Anthony

Voice of Chris on Adventures in Odyssey

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